Bisexual, too scared to check out any gender!

I'm very sorry if this disturbs anyone who disagrees with light and in that case please do not read this. I happen to be fairly new and I just wanted to discuss something on my mind. I am bisexual as I said before but, I am so sacred to check out either gender fearing that they will catch me looking at their body. For example I have some very nice looking girls in my school and I tend to catch myself looking at their behinds before some other person sees me. I just think if people figure out I'm bi, they'll start bullying me. Do any of you guys have somewhere around the same problem?

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Comments (4)

  1. lynntruong100

    sweet heart i was once bi (bisexual) dont fear to show who you really are. i have to be honest with you dating a girl was more different the a boy. i am currently in a relationship with a boy and have a child with him. but out of what i went through to me dating a girl (well the girl i had dated) was more faithful and last so long, also the love bonding was so strong. but with a boy im going through trust issue and others problem that i didnt had with a girl. but my advise to you is DO NOT BE SCARED OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE! because trust me many people are bisexual that you may not know they are. being Bi is not a bad thing. it just you. its part who you are and dont be scared of other people or friend who wont accept for who you are.

    January 17, 2016
    1. meadowaus

      Thank you very much for the advice. I hope so badly to find my inner self with people who guide me like you. I am just very scared of being bullied to the point of killing myself if anyone would know.

      January 17, 2016
      1. lynntruong100

        if you need to talk about anything please just message me.

        January 19, 2016
  2. kasandrapatrick_2000

    @meadowaus I once was bi too and you shouldn’t be scared of whether people think about your sexuality. It’s you and if they can’t accept what type of person you are then they don’t need to be in your life. If anything, being bisexual isn’t a bad thing and try to embrace it rather than be scared of what others think. Yes, dating a girl is different from dating a male but don’t be scared of whether or not people will bully you because you like two genders. Its YOU and you shouldn’t change for nobody. I was scared in the beginning too of how people would precieve me if they knew I had once dated a girl, but later on I decided to just move on and not care because those people are irrelevant and you sound like person who has so much to offer in this world and some cruel humans in this world shouldn’t take advantage of that. Be you, and don’t change for NO ONE. Hope this helps.

    January 17, 2016